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The different types of garage door

In the garage door market, there are several types of models. Here are their own characteristics and their advantages ...

The different types of garage door

1) The sectional garage door

Representing 65% market share, the sectional garage door remains for years the most popular. It must be said that it is practical because designed from panels that slide upwards, following metal rails.

As a result, it is suitable for both small and large garages. It optimizes the space because its side panels nestled on the ceiling do not encroach on the garage, which leaves a maximum of square meters available.

Important point: it does not overflow on public roads. This is a key feature if you live by the side of the road because you must not disturb passers-by when you close or open your door.

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Very often motorized, the sectional garage door is thus easy to use: you free yourself from the constraints of opening and closing.

If you're going to buy a custom sectional garage door , be careful about one thing: its ability to insulate. Use doors with double-walled panels to prevent cold in your garage.

Variant of this door: Side sectional garage door

This is its horizontal version. It pushes to the right or to the left and can therefore be installed in garages of small surface or low ceiling height. With her, the space under the ceiling is free.

It is often equipped with an opening for pedestrians. In other words, you can enter your garage by opening just a small passage without having to open your side sectional door on a large scale.

2) The roll-up garage door

She tends to gain ground in recent years on her sister's sectional door, although it remains less popular.

The roll-up garage door (or roll-up door) is aptly named. It is wrapped in a specially dedicated trunk to nestle on the ceiling. To put it simply, it can be compared to a roller shutter because it works identically. Its blades stapled between them form the apron and are housed around an axis, all entering a trunk.

This type of garage door is more suitable for small garages or those whose space is saturated because the optimization of the space is perfect: ceilings as walls are completely free, you can exploit them to the maximum.

Just like the sectional door, the roll-up garage door does not overflow on the outside: it can find its place at home, even if your garage gives directly on the street.

Insulation side, it is part of the line of joinery with good thermal performance. Finished the refrigerator garage!

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3) The tilting garage door

It opens at the top and its panel is nestled parallel to the ceiling. There are two cases for this type of carpentry:

- the non-overflowing garage door opens and closes without encroaching outside. Attention, it requires a flawless installation, with great precision and must imperatively be installed by a professional.

- The overflowing garage door: it follows its guide rails and encroaches on the outside space before coming to stick to the ceiling. It is therefore prohibited if your garage overlooks the street.

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